You found… a Warm Hat for Your Cool Kid!

Being pregnant with my daughter Luca 6 years ago in the snowy Colorado winter I decided to try and knit her a one-of-a-kind that kept her warm but was also different. The Gnome Dome is what came of that! What I didn’t know at first is that they actually make cute kids cuter. Try it. Put one on your kid and you’ll see for yourself.

Since I like to be busy creating something and making things with my hands, I have had a lot of fun since, knitting away whatever color combination is wished for and thought of. I can accessorize them with buttons and with flowers. Depending on your taste you can email me to custom order them striped or request the colors I have to be mixed together. I can also add ear flaps with ties to really make it more funky. Or just choose what you see!

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